Where wellbeing, art & collaboration meet

What is Wellco?

The Wellco Loft is located centrally in Barcelona’s creative heart and uniquely blends wellbeing, arts and collaboration. Consisting of a program of exceptional, movement classes, workshops, creative activities and a co-working center, our mission is to build a world-class space for Barcelona’s conscious community— a space where people come together to powerfully enhance personal and professional growth, exchange innovative ideas and make their dreams come true.

The Motivation

While acknowledging that conventional wellbeing  centers contribute enormously to positive developments for many people, Wellco emerged out of the realization that these can often appear as somewhat closed from a newcomer perspective, making it more challenging to develop deeper connections or experience a sense of shared purpose. This is why the community centered, open-door focus is at the very core of Wellco. The transdisciplinary approach supports us in this mission: rather than insisting that any particular method is the “right” one, we actively encourage the fruitful exchange between different methodologies and disciplines as the most powerful and joyful way to affect positive change. Our schedule for a diverse program draws on some of Barcelona’s most compelling teachers .

The vision

Our vision is to be the most inspiring transdisciplinary space in Barcelona and beyond, allowing all those who enter Wellco to affect abundantly positive change for themselves and their communities at large. We believe that art, inspiration and transformation emerge from a space where are well and where we experience a true sense of community with like-minded people.

What We Offer


As part of our program we offer an array of varied activities that include:

  • Co-working

  • Exceptional movement and meditation practice with qualified teachers

  • Art exhibit nights by local and international artists

  • Collaborations with our partner arts organization Becomebecome,

  • Vegan and raw food events

  • Our signature Conscious Weekend social events 

  • Inspiring workshops with experts in fields as diverse as Dreamwork, Architecture, Rolfing, Zen Coaching, and so on